November 16, 2013

Fall Pictures

Here are some fall pictures from a few weeks ago. 

These pictures were took in the beginning of fall.

This bush only turns colors in the fall. The leaves have already fallen off of it.

I like how the sun shines on the leaves in these pictures.

The sun was setting when I was taking this picture.

October 14, 2013

Minnie The Chihuahua

This is Minnie before we had to trim her nails.

It was difficult to trim her nails.

She would just keep moving everywhere. 

Even treats would not keep her still.

I think she knows she will get treats.

When one nail is trimmed she will move and she sits there wanting more treats.

Well most of the time we are able to trim her nails 
but sometimes we just give up and wait until the next day to finish trimming her nails.

Last week, I took her for a short walk.

This is her on our sidewalk.

I think she started to bark at some kind of noise or an animal.

She normally barks at squirrels and bunnies.

October 6, 2013

Moon and Fall Pictures

I really like these fake leaves they make my fence have a fall look to the house. What I think what would be better is that the leaves could be real but then these leaves probably wouldn't be out every year.

I was able to catch the moon when a couple of clouds were over it a few weeks ago. 
 The moon was very bright and beautiful that night.

I believe it was a week or two weeks ago I was able to catch the moon again where the clouds cover the moon. The moon light looks pretty awesome behind the clouds.

The leaves are starting to fall and they are starting to change colors for fall.

 Its amazing how time flies. I'm still surprised that's its already October. Its starting to get colder around here. I love when the temperature is warm. I'm not a fan of cold or the very hot temperatures. 

September 27, 2013

Flowers and a Sky Picture from April

These are more pictures that were taken sometime in April of 2013.

I love the tree that is in my yard. It looks beautiful in the spring.

After the tree loses its flowers it has green leaves in the summer time.
It still looks beautiful with flowers or with leaves.
I'm going to miss the trees when its winter but there will be colorful leaves in the fall.

I love these tiny flowers in the grass. 
You can see Rocky in the background. 
He looks so cute.

I love the sun and the sky in this picture.

September 14, 2013

Short Story, Flower and Sky Pictures

Since this tree was dead, we had to cut it down. Right when the tree fell to the ground, the ground moved as soon as it fell. The satellite dish was close to the tree when it fell down.  It messed up the satellite signal so there was  no TV for a few days.

These flowers I haven't seen in my front yard before. I think I have seen them in the back yard. I don't know what kind of flowers they are.

The moon looked pretty cool a couple weeks ago.

The sky looks beautiful here.

September 12, 2013

Minnie and Rocky

I love how my dog Minnie likes to sit on top of the couch. When the curtains are closed she peaks her head through the curtains. Sometimes she falls asleep on top of the couch. She loves to sleep there when the sun is out. I guess the couch is really warm and she loves it. She even turns around and looks at you when she hears something or when your talking about her.

Half the time she just barks at people when they are in the street or in the yard. She also barks at squirrels. The tree closest to the window the squirrels will just sit there and look at her while she barks. I guess squirrels like to sit there and say you can't get me and laugh at her.

When both Rocky and Minnie are outside, there are sometimes bunnies. The bunnies also just sit there. Both Minnie and Rocky just bark at bunnies or other animals that are out in the yard.

When Minnie gets outside she normally starts barking for no reason. Maybe shes letting every other dog know that she is there or she could be trying to start a conversation with other dogs.

I wish they both played together more. Minnie used to put her paws on Rocky's head. They do still play a little every now and then. Sometime she just ignores him.

September 11, 2013

Minnie, Rocky and One Sky Picture

Minnie sitting on top of a chair and looking out the window for daddy.

Rocky looks so happy.

He looks so adorable. 

September 10, 2013

Flower and Old Dog Pictures

Here is some pictures of my tree back in April 2013.

When the tree starts to lose its flowers, the wind blows and it kind of looks like snow falling.

Here is  two to three years old pictures of Minnie and Rocky. I believe the picture of Minnie is when she was one or two years old. The picture of Rocky was probably when he was one or two years old also.

During the winter we normally call Rocky a lion because of his winter coat.
This picture was took sometime near the end of fall or winter.

September 7, 2013

Story of the Week

This morning my dog Rocky was barking crazy like at five. I go downstairs to see what he was barking at but he wasn't barking anymore. I tap on the window to see if I can get his attention. I heard some kind of bark that sounded like something happened. Then I start to hear growling. At the time I couldn't tell if it was my dog o r not. I run up stairs, get my mom and find out that there was two dogs out there in the yard. He didn't get hurt.

Then at 6:30 in the morning hes barking at the same dogs. The dogs were on the corner playing and running in the street.

Well at least they didn't get in a fight. He is still a happy and healthy dog.

September 6, 2013

This is my Other Dog Minnie

She is a Chihuahua.

She is the sweetest dog ever.

She loves treats.

She also loves to look outside on the couch. 

She waits on top on the couch and waits for whoever is gone.

September 5, 2013

Here are Some Sky Pictures from April

The sky is very beautiful in these pictures.

These two pictures were took in a car but the pictures came out really good.

My Dad Dancing with Rocky

Here is my dog Rocky

 He is a mix of a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. 

His nickname is Rocky The Raccoon Tail.

When he was a puppy his tail was very skinny and had black stripes.

Now his tail is fluffy.

He is the nicest dog in the world. 

I wish he could be a inside dog but he loses a lot of hair.

Hopefully this winter he can be inside.