October 14, 2013

Minnie The Chihuahua

This is Minnie before we had to trim her nails.

It was difficult to trim her nails.

She would just keep moving everywhere. 

Even treats would not keep her still.

I think she knows she will get treats.

When one nail is trimmed she will move and she sits there wanting more treats.

Well most of the time we are able to trim her nails 
but sometimes we just give up and wait until the next day to finish trimming her nails.

Last week, I took her for a short walk.

This is her on our sidewalk.

I think she started to bark at some kind of noise or an animal.

She normally barks at squirrels and bunnies.

October 6, 2013

Moon and Fall Pictures

I really like these fake leaves they make my fence have a fall look to the house. What I think what would be better is that the leaves could be real but then these leaves probably wouldn't be out every year.

I was able to catch the moon when a couple of clouds were over it a few weeks ago. 
 The moon was very bright and beautiful that night.

I believe it was a week or two weeks ago I was able to catch the moon again where the clouds cover the moon. The moon light looks pretty awesome behind the clouds.

The leaves are starting to fall and they are starting to change colors for fall.

 Its amazing how time flies. I'm still surprised that's its already October. Its starting to get colder around here. I love when the temperature is warm. I'm not a fan of cold or the very hot temperatures.