May 31, 2014

Fashion Saturday's: Cute Concert Outfits #2

I love this cute concert outfit idea. I love the studs and the buttons on the bralette. The studs  and the buttons made the bralette really cute. I like the style of the studded shorts. I like the destroyed look to them and I also like the studs. The bracelets look very cute. I think my favorite of those bracelets is the one with the spikes on it. 

The bag would be great for carrying around food, water, band t-shirts, or band posters. It would be perfect for a music festival like Vans Warped Tour. Since you would be walking around all day it would be a great idea to carry around all of your items in.

Are any of you going to go to a music festival this summer? If not what's your favorite thing about summer? 

I think of as of right now I'm going to Vans Warped Tour this year. But it depends if I have the money to go. My favorite thing about summer is the right temperatures. I hate the freezing cold and I hate very hot temperatures. I think the best temperatures are when it's not too cold and not too hot.

Cute Concert Outfits #2

Converse black sneaker
$68 -

Cut off

Cord bracelet

May 30, 2014

Lily of the Valley

I love Lily of the Valleys they look really pretty. I love how they look like little miniature bells.

Lily of the Valley, bell shaped flowers.

These flowers are called a Azaleas. They look really pretty. For some reason they remind me of Hawaiian flowers. Their not Hawaiian flowers because I don't live in Hawaii. I wish I did live there.

White flower

Which flower do you like the best the Lily of the Valley or do you like the Azalea? 

May 29, 2014

Minnie Scanning for Predators

Here are a few pictures of Minnie sitting on top on a couch and watching for enemies in the trees and in the yard. For some reason she likes to bark at people who are walking down the street. I'm like "Their not even in the yard, they are in the street. So why are you barking at them?"

Minnie, Chihuahua, sitting on top of couch watching for enemies.

Another picture of Minnie, Chihuahua, sitting on top of couch watching for enemies at a different angle.

Minnie looks like she fell asleep in this picture.

Minnie, Chihuahua, not looking at the camera and closing her eyes.

I was able to get a picture of Minnie before she started to bark at some animal or person.

Minnie, Chihuahua, standing outside and sees an animal or a person.

May 28, 2014

Rocky's Golden Coat

Depending on the setting on my camera, Rocky will look like he has more golden color to his fur coat. The setting on my camera pops out the colors and makes them more bright or colorful. I think it's my favorite setting on my camera.

Rocky looking the other way. Golden Shepherd

Rocky's tongue looks so weird here.

Rocky licking his nose. Golden Shepherd

 I love his fur it's so fluffy and I love the golden color.

Rocky's golden fur. Golden Shepherd

Rocky looks so cute here. I love his yawn.

Rocky says "I'm so tired!!"

Rocky yawing. Golden Shepherd

Which picture was your favorite? My favorite is the picture of Rocky yawning.

May 27, 2014

Water Droplets

One day there was a storm passing through and I noticed on my windows that the water from the rain had a really cool effect on my window. Every couple of seconds water on the window would change shapes.

I like how in the first two pictures, the background is blurred and you can see the rain drops on the window.

Water droplets on a window.

Water droplets on a window.

I like how in this picture the rain on the window, looks likes broken glass. The tree looks pretty cool behind the broken glass effect of the rain droplets.

The water droplets create a broken glass effect.

In these two pictures, I loved how the rain droplets came into focus instead of the tree.

Water droplets comes into focus on the window and the tree is blurred in the background.

Water droplets comes into focus on the window and the tree is blurred in the background.

This was the tree that was behind the window and the rain droplets. The tree looks awesome because of how it looks like it is two different colors.

Rain caused the tree to appear to be two colors.

Perspective angle of the tree.

Which picture or pictures were your favorite?

I think my favorites are of the ones with the tree in the background and the picture of the tree with the two shades of color.

Water Droplets Part 2

May 26, 2014

Hearts, a Dandelion, and Grape Hyacinths


I love these Grape Hyacinths. They are really cool looking. I also love the purple and blue color they are.

A close up picture of a Grape Hyacinth.

A group of Grape Hyacinths

These heart looking leaf things look cool. I like how they are shaped into broken hearts.

Heart leaves growing in the ground.

Which picture was your favorite? I think my favorite pictures are of the Grape Hyacinths and the Dandelion.

May 25, 2014

Rocky Sometimes Hates Pictures

When I was taking pictures of Rocky a few days ago, he wouldn't look at me. I think he doesn't want me to take pictures of him or he didn't want to look at me because I didn't have any treats at that time when I took a couple pictures. I did eventually give him treats but I think he was still mad at me for not giving him treats.

In these two picture I think he heard something or he saw some kind of animal like a bunny, squirrel, or a bird and I think he was watching it or listening to it. But he could be saying "I don't want to take pictures today. I quit being your model." or "Maybe if I look the other way she will disappear."

"I'm still not going to look at you."

"Leave me alone, I don't want to be bothered today!"

Rocky says "Why are you still here taking pictures of me? I told you to leave me alone."

May 24, 2014

Fashion Saturday's: Cute Bracelet Ideas

Here are a few bracelet ideas to make your outfit perfect. Almost all of these bracelets can go with any outfit. I am someone who loves to wear bracelets. It's my favorite out of all of the accessories. I normally wear band bracelets or bangles.

I really love wearing bracelets that are connected together or bracelets that come in a set. Like the three bracelets with the charms on it. It's really cute. I also love the bracelets connected together, or they appear to look like they are connected, with the gold on it. The gold skull and the gold studs are my favorite on that bracelet. 

The bracelet with the silver skull is cute. I like how the texture of the skull looks. I love the bracelet with the word Dream on it. The gold color and the jewels look really pretty.

 The last bracelet is a band bracelet. This kind of bracelet is the most common kind of bracelet for me to wear. I don't know why I just love to wear them. 

My favorite bracelets are the one that says Dream on it, the one with the gold studs and gold skull on it, and the Sleeping With Sirens bracelet. Which bracelet is your favorite? 

Cute Bracelets

Tai charm bracelet

Skull bracelet

Stretch bracelet

Rubber bracelet

May 23, 2014

Zombie Rocky

Aww... Rocky looks so cute here. He looks like he's saying, in a zombie voice "Tr..ea..ts!! Give.. me... my T..RE..ATS!!!!"

Rocky, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix

Rocky looks so cute and happy in this picture. But he is probably like "Maybe if I smile she'll give me a bunch of treats."

Rocky Smiling

May 22, 2014

Minnie Pretending I'm Not There

I have some Minnie pictures to show you guys or ladies. Normally, when I take pictures of Minnie she never looks at me. She will pretend I'm not there. But this time she is closing her eyes in almost all of the pictures. Either she is ignoring me, the sun is too bright for her, she's falling asleep because of the warmth, or she hates me taking picture of her. I don't have the camera that close to her face but maybe she knows sometimes I use the flash. She does know when I'm about to take a picture. 

Right before I push the button to take a picture of her she looks away, closes her eyes, or does both. In the following pictures of her this is normally what she does.

Minnie, Chihuahua looking away from the camera.

Minnie, Chihuahua

Minnie, Chihuahua

In this picture she is sticking a tiny piece of her tongue out at me.

Minnie says "Maybe if I do something cute she will go away. I got it I will stick my tongue out like this."

Minnie, Chihuahua sticking a piece of her tongue out.

Minnie says "Why are you still here taking pictures of me?"

Minnie, Chihuahua

Which picture of Minnie is your favorite?

My favorite is... well I don't know I love them all!