Fashion Saturday's: Cute Bracelet Ideas

  • Saturday, May 24, 2014
  • By Pumpkin Emily

Here are a few bracelet ideas to make your outfit perfect. Almost all of these bracelets can go with any outfit. I am someone who loves to wear bracelets. It's my favorite out of all of the accessories. I normally wear band bracelets or bangles.

I really love wearing bracelets that are connected together or bracelets that come in a set. Like the three bracelets with the charms on it. It's really cute. I also love the bracelets connected together, or they appear to look like they are connected, with the gold on it. The gold skull and the gold studs are my favorite on that bracelet. 

The bracelet with the silver skull is cute. I like how the texture of the skull looks. I love the bracelet with the word Dream on it. The gold color and the jewels look really pretty.

 The last bracelet is a band bracelet. This kind of bracelet is the most common kind of bracelet for me to wear. I don't know why I just love to wear them. 

My favorite bracelets are the one that says Dream on it, the one with the gold studs and gold skull on it, and the Sleeping With Sirens bracelet. Which bracelet is your favorite? 

Cute Bracelets

Tai charm bracelet

Skull bracelet

Stretch bracelet

Rubber bracelet

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  1. Very cute and cool bracelet ideas indeed!




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