September 29, 2014

Back by Infinite Music Mondays

Back by Infinite Music Mondays

Hello everybody! Infinite released their song for 'Back' a while ago but I didn't do a Music Monday on it yet. So I figured why not do it for today's Music Monday.

Infinite is a seven member boy band from South Korea. The members names are Woohyun, Sunggyu, L, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungjong, and Sungyeol.

At the start of the music video it shows a girl that was blindfolded, her hands were tied behind her back, and there are kidnappers around her. It turns out she was kidnapped by several guys. One of the guys takes the blindfold off and she looks very frightened. Then it shows the members of the band walking towards a building. That building is where the girl is being held captive.

September 28, 2014

Golden and Pink Cloud Shapes Part 2

The two clouds closer to the bottom look like snakes and the cloud closer to the top looks like a bird.

Clouds that look like snakes and a bird.

This cloud looks like a dinosaur mowing the sky.

Clouds that look like a dinosaur.

September 27, 2014

Cute Fall Outfit #1 Fashion Saturday's

Hello everybody! Fall has finally started! I have many ideas for fall clothing but I will only show you one or more through out fall each Saturday. This is a cute and simple fall outfit. It would be perfect for going to school or going to the store. If you want to see the second fall outfit click here.

In this fall outfit, there is a classic red and black plaid shirt with buttons, black skinny jeans, and classic black Converse. One of the accessories are black and orange colored bracelets with gold studs around the outside of the bracelet. The last accessory is a very cute knit panda hat.

September 26, 2014

Rocky, Minnie, and the Outdoors

Minnie looks so cute while she is sleeping.

Minnie, Chihuahua sleeping cute.

Rocky looks so cute and happy in these pictures.

Rocky, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix

September 25, 2014

Beautiful Blue Sky

In this picture it looks like a pig's body with a human head.


September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Minnie!!

Minnie, Chihuahua puppy and at age four.

Hello everybody!! Today is Minnie's birthday and it's also the first day of fall! I'm going to do something similar to what I did a few months ago for Rocky's birthday. This will be an updated profile on Minnie. To see the past profile I did on Minnie click here and to see the post I did for Rocky's birthday click here.

Minnie and Rocky are both four years old now!

September 22, 2014

Holler by Girls' Generation-TTS Music Monday's

Holler by Girls' Generation-TTS  Music Monday's

Hello!! Today's Music Monday is the new music video for Girls' Generation-TTS. The song is called 'Holler' and it's an amazing song. 'Holler' will be on their second mini album which is also called 'Holler'. Who's excited for their new album?

Girls' Generation-TTS is a subgroup of the nine member group Girls' Generation. Girls' Generation is a band from South Korea. There are three members is the group Girls' Generation-TTS. The members names are Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun.

At the start of the music video it shows a big room that looks like a hotel lobby. Then it shows words like wow, fantastic, and some other words in comic book style. Then it shows the girls with words that describe them like 'dashing'. Then it shows Seohyun walking out of the elevator and then she disappears.

September 21, 2014

Roses of Sharon

I love all of these pictures of these roses. The roses are on a very tall bush and they are called the Rose of Sharon. I love the color of pink they all are.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

September 20, 2014

Cute Summer Outfit Ideas #4 Fashion Saturday's

Cute Summer Outfit Ideas #4 Fashion Saturday's

Hello everybody!! Today's Fashion Saturday is the fourth outfit in the cute summer outfit idea series. If you would like to see part one click here. If you want to see part two click here or if you want to see part three click here.

Today's outfit would be great for outdoor events or party like concerts or a pool party. Most of the outfit has black clothing but this outfit has some pink accessories to go along with it.

September 19, 2014

Adorable Rocky, Clouds and a Strange Flower

Rocky says "Hi, nice to see you!!"

Rocky German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix

Rocky says "Why don't you give my treats? I can't dare to look at you."

Rocky German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix

September 18, 2014

A Golden Sunset and Rocky

In this picture, the clouds look like a dragon with smoke in front of it.

A cloud shape that looks like a dragon with smoke in front of it.

September 17, 2014

So Many Surprise Lilies

There were so many Surprise Lilies one day. They all just showed up out of no where.

Pink Surprise Lilies

September 15, 2014

I Will Show You (보여줄게) by Ailee (에일리) Music Monday's

I Will Show You (보여줄게) by Ailee (에일리) Music Monday's

I love Ailee's songs and her voice. I think her voice is one of the best in South Korea. I also like Hyolyn from Sistar's voice. They both can sing very good together. I think one of my favorite cover's they have done together is 'Let It Go'. That is one of the best covers of that song.

In the beginning, you see Ailee walking in a hallway. She is wearing glasses and a polka dotted dress. Her hair is braided pony tails. It also shows different guys talking to girls and it also shows a guy she used to date talking to a different girl. Then he walks away with the girl. Ailee continues to walk down the hallway and sees memories with that guy. Then her voice gets higher in the song and then the song starts playing the chorus and this is where she changes her whole look.

September 14, 2014

Beautiful Clouds and a Sunset

In this picture it looks like two baby kangaroos playing together.

Clouds that look like baby kangaroos

September 13, 2014

Cute Summer Outfit Ideas #3 Fashion Saturday's

Cute Summer Outfit Ideas #3 Fashion Saturday's

Here's the third outfit in the cute end of summer outfit ideas. Click here to see part one or click here to see part two.

In this outfit there is a black summer dress, crocodile handbag, and crochet flats. The jewelry that is included in this outfit are heart shaped earrings, a bow ring, and a black and silver bracelet.

You could wear this outfit around the house, concert, visiting a friends house, or some kind of summer event. If you wanted to keep things casual, you could even wear to a party.

I just love the summer dress. The style of the dress is cute. I like the heart earrings. I like how it looks like there are flowers with little jewels inside of them on the front of the earrings. I like the texture of the handbag. I love how the bow ring was styled. The ring wouldn't have been the same without the jewels. I love the colors of the beads on the bracelet. I like the style of the shoes

My favorite parts of this outfit are the summer dress, the bracelet, and the bow ring.What's your favorite part of this outfit?


Morgan summer dress
$50 -

Soda shoes

Forever New stretch bracelet
$23 -

Betsey Johnson black earrings

Bow ring

September 11, 2014

Cute Bugs and a Moon

I captured a cute little bug in this picture. I'm surprised that this picture came out very good.


This moth is so cute. It's so fluffy. I was lucky to get a picture of this moth just sitting there next to the door because it died shortly after I took the picture.

September 10, 2014

Fluffy Clouds, Roses, and Bugs

I saw these bugs eating these leaves. I was able to get a picture of them through my window. I'm not sure what kind of bugs these are but they are kind of cute.


September 9, 2014

Beauitful Sky and Flowers

These clouds look like seahorses or lobsters.

Clouds that look like lobsters or seahorses.

In this picture it looks like a woman rocking her baby to sleep.


The cloud on the bottom on the left reminds me of a monster from a cartoon. The cloud on the top right looks like a person with a heart or a box of chocolates and is trying to give it to somebody.

Clouds that look like a person and a monster.

What do you see in the clouds?

Green clovers, yellow flowers, and grass

White flowers

Rocky looks so serious in this picture. He's like "Give me my treats!"

This tree looks so cool! I love what grows on it. It looks like little snowballs.


Do you have a favorite picture? Which one is it?

September 8, 2014

Mamacita (아야야) by Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) Music Mondays

 Mamacita (아야야) by Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) Music Mondays

Super Junior has released their new music video for 'Mamacita'. It's definitely a very catchy song and the music video has some humor in it as well. It has to be one of my favorites by them.

In the beginning of the music video they show their names and what their characters are in the music video. The music video starts off when the sheriff sees in the newspaper that he failed catching the thief. After that there was a bullfighter flirting with a girl and a blacksmith working. Then the wanted criminal steals the crown that is in a box out of the carriage. The blacksmith and the wanted criminal are working together to steal the crown. Then the sheriff is with the bartender being sad because he couldn't catch the thief.

Then the bounty hunter is looking for the thief. The bounty hunter and the blacksmith are fighting with each other and the barber almost gets hurt in the process. Then the thief runs into the fruit shop owner and breaks the watermelon and the fruit shop owner is sad. Then the thief see the sheriff and shoots him. Then he dramatically dies. Then the thief sells the crown to the bartender and he gets money for it. Then he got caught for selling the crown.

When he song starts, it shows them dancing in some cool looking clothes. I like the design of some the outfits that they are wearing. Some of the suits are not my favorite because I don't like the design that the suit has on it. I think my favorite has to be Eunhyuk's outfit. I think my favorite outfits that they are all wearing would have to be at two minutes and forty one seconds and through a few other parts in the music video. It's where they are dancing all together in the city. Do you have a favorite outfit in the music video? Which one is it?

I really love the dance. I think my favorite part of the dance is during the chorus. Which starts at about one minute and twenty seconds. It's my favorite part of the song. I think that's the most catchy part of the song. I get that part of the song stuck in my head all of the time.

What do you think of 'Mamacita' by Super Junior?

If you can't see the video click here.

September 7, 2014

A Mother and Her Baby Clouds

These clouds look like a mother holding her child. Her child is also holding a doll.

A mother holding her child cloud shape

September 6, 2014

Cute Summer Outfit Ideas #2 Fashion Saturday's

Cute Summer Outfit Ideas #2 Fashion Saturday's

This is part two of the end of summer outfit idea series if you want to see part one click here.

In this outfit there is a white tank top with a white bow in the front, silver bracelets, and a cat necklace. There is also high waist shorts and Converse.

I really like what is in this outfit. I love the bow design on the tank top. It is a little bit difficult to see the bow on the tank top since it's white on a white background. I love the design of the bracelets. Each one looks unique it's own way. The design on the cat necklace is cool looking. I like how the cat on the left has the jewels and the cat on the right has jewels on it's collar. The dye design on the shorts make them look really cute. The converse make this outfit come together.

 I think my favorite is the tank top and the cat necklace. What's your favorite part of this outfit?

White tank top, silver bracelets, cat necklace, Converse, blue shorts.

Racer back tank

Highwaisted shorts

Converse shoes

Charlotte Russe bracelet bangle