Cute Halloween Outfit Idea Fashion Saturday's

  • Saturday, October 18, 2014
  • By Pumpkin Emily

Hello everybody! Today's outfit could be worn to a Halloween party or a different kind of party. It would work if you wanted to dress up as a punk rock or gothic bridesmaid or if you just wanted wear something cute for Halloween. You can even wear it to a concert. This is the fourth fall outfit, if you want to see part one click here, for part two click here, and for part three click here.

This outfit includes a black corset dress with a ruffled bottom, a black leather jacket, and black heels with silver studs on the back of the shoes. The accessories are a black skeleton necklace, black bracelets with black jewels on the outside of the bracelets, and a black headband with silver studs.

I love how the skirt is layered on the dress and I love the leather jacket. The skeleton necklace and the headband looks cute. I love everything in this outfit! It's really cute.

If I had to choose one thing in this outfit to buy, it would probably be the headband or the skeleton necklace. If you could pick one thing from this outfit to buy, which item would you buy?

Cute Halloween outfit

Leather biker jacket
$16 -

Black suede pumps
$40 -

Pieces white pearl bracelet
$16 -

Skeleton jewelry
$35 -

Spiked headband
$3.76 -

Gothic corset

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  1. Oh very cute outfit I love it the shoes!

  2. Oh, that dress really speaks to me! Lol. *Sighs* I really have to pick a party to attend; it's my favorite time of the year. :-P What are your Halloween plans?

  3. cool idea!


  4. I haven't decided what I will do on Halloween yet.


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