Favorite Songs of May 2016

  • Monday, June 20, 2016
  • By Pumpkin Emily

Favorite Songs of May 2016

Hello everybody! Today's post is my May favorite songs of the month post!

BTS came out with two music videos and a album in May. The music videos are for Fire and Save ME. All of the songs are amazing on the album.

XIA, also known as Junsu, came out with the song called Rock The World. The song is amazing and I like set design for the music video.

I found a new Japanese band called My First Story. They have been around for a while but I am quite new to the band, They sound really good. They might be my new favorite band!

Our Last Night came out with a new song called White Tiger. It's really good!

AOA came out with the song Good Luck. I love the outfits, the song, and the music video.

EXID came with out the song L.I.E. I kinda of like but this song isn't a song I would listen on a daily basis.

Questions Time!

What are your favorite songs from May?

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