Ombre 4th of July Mason Jar DIY

  • Sunday, June 19, 2016
  • By Pumpkin Emily

Ombre 4th of July Mason Jar DIY

Hello everybody! Today's DIY is for 4th of July! It's a ombre jar with stars all around it and lace and twine at the top of the jar. It' similar to a jar that I did a while ago but I wanted to do one for 4th of July. It doesn't have to be 4th of July, it can just be a summer decoration.

You will need...

Two colors of spray paint
Masking tape

1. Draw out stars on the masking tape and cut them out.

2. Place a plastic bag inside the jar.

3. Paint the jar in the lightest color first.

4. Then paint the bottom of the jar. Stay farther away to create a ombre effect.

5. When dry peel off the stars off.

6. Make a bow at the top of the jar.

Ombre 4th of July Mason Jar DIY

If you can't see the click here.

Questions Time!

What do you think of this DIY? What DIY do you think I should do next?

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